Travel in the Gulf of Morbihan

14 May 2016

Morbihan (meaning « small sea » in Breton) is a department situated in the south of the Brittany region. Its warm microclimate and sunshine rates attract many tourists, also keen to see the Gulf, the Altantic sea reachable through the Quiberon wild coast, menhirs aligned in Carnac, the Josselin, Suscinio and other castles linked to the Dukes of Brittany, ortry one of the golf courses.

Between land and sea, Morbihan is at the heart of history, at the crossroads of Neolithic Age, the Roman invasion and the Middle Age.

In the Gulf of Morbihan region, not far from Île-aux-Moines, there is an almost secret guesthouse where time stops and where people love to enjoy some idleness next to the fireplace or on a sun lounger at the swimming pool before luxuriating in the regenerating mist of the hammam.

Val de Brangon, a typical peasant house built in 1824 that was still a farm till 1995, became a 5-room guesthouse and was renovated in 2010. Between the old and the new, it gives life to Lavoisier’s saying: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.” Indeed, everything is designed for the wellbeing of our guests, from the little attentions in the rooms to the swimsuits in case you have forgotten yours, beach bags or backpacks for trekking sessions around GR34 famous road and for trips to one of the many islands of the Gulf.

The house makes you travel with its beautiful furniture: many trunks, two of them from Govard, a brand that has now disappeared, a boat model, portholes, manometers, liner-style stairs and a library full of books calling for exoticism.

Cuisine is also well represented, from starred restaurants to bistrots serving seafood but also great meat and creperies.

Try Roscanvec restaurant in Vannes for an exceptional dinner or Chaumière de Pomper in Baden where you will taste a selection of ciders, apple juices and unrivalled perries.

Morbihan is about oyster-farming… and tasting! At YvonickJégat’s, in Arradon, you will meet a passionate man who has a lot to teach you.

Val de Brangon is an ideal departure for short or long hiking sessions. You just need to be adequately equipped, with backpacks containing drinks and snacks, maps (available at our place), hats and sun cream (no joke). In the south of Morbihan, the sun shines as much as in Montélimar in terms of hours.